Landesverband Sachsen-Anhalt Holz und Kunststoffe e.V.


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Landesverband Sachsen-Anhalt Holz und Kunststoffe e.V.

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On 13 June 1990, 17 companies of the wood and plastics industry founded the "Landesverband Sachsen-Anhalt der holz- und kunststoffverarbeitenden Industrie e.V." in Dessau. Thus, they not only gave the industry a voice in reunited Germany, but also supported each other in asserting their economic interests. Since its foundation, the regional association has been actively supporting companies and helping to make specialist knowledge available to all members. The number of the members grew in the course of the years steadily on in the meantime over 100 enterprises. 2002 the name of the federation was changed in regional organization Saxonia-Anhalt wood and plastics registered association. The name change reflects the fact that not only the industry, but also craft-related companies, which are active in the field of assembly of wood and plastic products, find a home in the regional association.


Landesverband Sachsen-Anhalt Holz und Kunststoffe e.V.
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