Initiative Pro Massivholz


Initiative Pro Massivholz

Initiative pro Massivholz

The Initiative Pro Massivholz is a nationwide interest group founded in 2003 with currently 8 members, namely the companies Decker, Deelmann, Goehring, Hartmann, Holzschmiede, InCasa, Thielemeyer and Voglauer. All these manufacturers produce and market furniture exclusively from solid wood, have their own production facilities and, as medium-sized companies, have a national significance.

The goal of the initiative is to make the special quality and value of solid wood furniture clear, primarily where solid wood furniture is sold, namely in the sales showrooms of the furniture trade. To this end, the initiative has launched an image campaign. The addressees of this image campaign are primarily the end customers in furniture stores, but also buyers and sellers from trade and industry.

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